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About Me

Children's History Presenter, Producer and Storyteller

I’m on a mission to make history fun, entertaining and accessible for children and families! For over eight years I have been producing and presenting live storytelling performances and workshops for many of London’s top museums including Museum of London, London Transport museum, Historic Royal Palaces, Kew Gardens and many more!

I also produce, write and present my own history channel for kids, Lauren Learns History, in collaboration with museums, historians and actors all over the UK!  Covering everything from the Tudors to the First World War we were named Channel of the Week by the Week Junior magazine just five months in! We release new episodes every other Thursday at 4pm during term time, so head on over and SUBSCRIBE to join my voyage of discovery!

Although history is my passion and forte, I have been fortunate enough to work on very varied projects, from STEM to Shakespeare and everything in between! I love finding quirky and creative approaches to presenting stories and ultimately creating content that is both entertaining and educational, I find it extremely rewarding. 

On a more personal note, I’m a wife to my lovely husband Ian, mum to our three-year-old son, Ernie and live with two exceptionally naughty but lovable house rabbits, called Marmalade and Cottontail. If I really had the ability to travel back in time to any period in history I would have to pick the Georgians! But only if I was rich and only for a week. I am quite certain I would simply not survive much longer!

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Arts Council Funding

5th April 2022

I received the fantastic news that my bid for Arts Council has been successful. They will be funding 7 episodes of my YouTube Channel, released once a fortnight starting from May 5th

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